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Dental Implants Vs. Bridges: What’s Right For Me?

If you are missing one or more teeth, chances are that you are looking into restorative options like implants and bridges. There are many different benefits of each treatment, and we know it can feel overwhelming to decide on what’s best for your oral care. That’s why the team at the Mandeville Center for Dental
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Pain After A Dental Implant: What’s Normal?

Whether you’re planning on getting a dental implant from Dr. Schof or you’ve already had your implant placed, you may be wondering if pain after implant surgery is normal, and how long it will last. The team at the Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence wants to keep every patient informed about what to expect after
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My Dental Implant Is Loose! What Should I Do?

Dental implants should be stable and strong, and they are not supposed to come loose. Your implant is placed directly into your jaw bone, and this creates a strong artificial “root” that supports a restoration, like a dental crown. At the Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, we want every patient to know what to do
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