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Dental Anxiety


Dental Anxiety

“I’m helping patients feel empowered to make the right choices for the betterment of their oral health.”

Dr. Schof

Overcoming Dental Anxiety And Dental Phobia

Does the thought of going to the dentist raise hairs on the back of your neck? Not everyone looks forward to going to the dentist, and for some spending even a minute in the dental chair is cause for alarm. Yet without regular dental care, it can become impossible to treat patients with small dental issues before more serious consequences emerge. Going to the dentist regularly is one of the best ways to support a healthier lifestyle by improving the balance between oral and overall health. When you need a gentle dentist in Mandeville, Dr. Charles Schof looks forward to caring for you in a calming and relaxing environment.

Don’t Wait on Necessary Dental Care

If you or a loved one feels anxious about going to the dentist, we can help. Our team takes the fear out of going to the dentist by catering every visit to your unique needs. With the use of advanced dental technology, calming sedation dentistry and our exceptionally supportive dental team, you will be leaving your dental appointment in Mandeville feeling confident, supported and safe. Call us at (985) 626-4401 to take the first steps towards gentle dentistry in Mandeville.

Better Oral Health With a Focus on Patient Relaxation

We Specialize in Treating Dental Fear

Sometimes the only way to reverse the stain of a bad past memory at the dentist is to create new, positive experiences. At Mandeville Center of Dental Excellence we encourage our patients to achieve their optimal level of dental health in an atmosphere that promotes comfort, support and gentle dentistry. That is why we use only the most advanced dental technology to provide treatments that are highly accurate and minimally invasive, so patients spend less time in the dental chair while achieving quality dental care.

How Can I Treat Dental Anxiety?

For many patients, sedation dentistry (such as nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation or IV sedation) can be used to create a pleasantly relaxing experience at the dentist. But before you decide that sedation dentistry may be right for you, our team recommends using the following steps to reduce dental anxiety even before your first dental treatment:

  • Tell your dentist you have dental anxiety. Our staff has helped countless patients overcome a fear of the dentist by listening to their needs and helping them feel comfortable. We are a judgement-free dental practice and will listen to you with only the utmost care and compassion.
  • Understand your comfort zone. As your local dentist in Mandeville, we will never pressure our patients into treatments they don’t need or that are not right for them. But when a certain treatment such as a root canal is necessary, it is important to know that you have options to lessen dental fear and relax throughout your appointment. With use of sedation dentistry, patients are able to receive the dental care they need and may not remember the dental appointment afterwards.
  • Create a specific plan with your dentist. When you are kept informed about your dental health and know what to expect every step of the way, the burden of dental fear is alleviated. At Mandeville Center of Dental Excellence, we’ll work with you at your pace with treatments that respect your unique dental needs.
Sedation Dentistry At Your Mandeville Dentist

Dentists all over the nation use sedation dentistry as a safe and reliable method to provide comfort, relaxation and confidence to patients receiving necessary dental care. As your local dentist in Mandeville, we encourage you to give us a call at (952) 475-0225 to schedule a consultation for sedation dentistry.

Solving Dental Anxiety In Mandeville

Each year an estimated 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental anxiety. At Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, we’ll work with you to achieve dental care comfortably. We can provide all the patient comforts of an overhead TV, noise canceling headphones, pillows and blankets to begin changing your expectations of the dentist. We even provide calming sedation dentistry as a reliable solution to dental anxiety. If you or a loved one has trouble going to the dentist, call us at (985) 626-4401 where we’re honored to help you get the dental care you need, comfortably.

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